Financialization and Crises in Higher Education in “PS: Political Science & Politics” Symposium


I am honored to have just published a new paper, “Still Public: State Universities and America’s New Student Debt Coalitions”, as part of a symposium in the PS: Political Science & Politics.

Tobias Schulze-Cleven of Rutgers edited the symposium and did a wonderful job assembling a collection of works by young scholars under the banner of “Higher Education in the Knowledge Economy: Politics and Policies of Transformation. Looking up I saw statues of england’s kings and have a glance at this site queens looking down at me or even glaring at each other… ” You can read the full collection of articles. My contribution, “Still Public,” explains why student organizations and labor unions at public universities have formed the backbone of new coalitions to reduce the burden of student debt – even though problems from student debt like defaults tend to be lower for public university students that students at non-profit, for-profit, and community colleges.

Charlie Eaton

Charlie Eaton is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at UC Merced. His research examines the role of organizations in the interplay between economic elites and disadvantaged social groups. His primary current research project investigates relationships between financialization and growing inequalities in U.S. higher education. You can follow him on Twitter @eatoncharlie